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  • la fondation digicel publie son rapport annuel lors de la troisieme ceremonie de remise des prix pwona.

The Digicel Foundation Releases its Annual Report at the Third PwoNA Award Ceremony

Cap-Haitien, Haiti - Friday, August 11, 2023: The Digicel Foundation shared the results of its achievements for the 2022-2023 fiscal year and honored its commitment to support PwoNA (Pwofesè Nasyonal Ane A), a P4H global initiative.

Access to quality education remains one of the priorities of the Digicel Foundation. It therefore encourages any initiative aimed at either enhancing this sector or encouraging its actors. PwoNA perfectly embodies this concern for recognition, particularly for teachers who carry out their mission in often difficult and inadequate conditions. P4H Global has been organizing this contest with the support of the Foundation for 3 years now, and the impacts are already incredible throughout the country.

It should be noted that the designation of PwoNA goes through different stages, including the nomination of teachers across the country, the analysis of applications to finally arrive at this result. It is the work of many education professionals, including university officials. For the first time, a woman was elected PwoNA, Esther Pierre, a worthy representative of the West department. Exceptionally this year, the public was invited to provide an appreciation vote to the 10 finalists, and Professor Jean Péronne Milius is the happy winner.

Also, the Foundation took advantage of this ceremony to share its report for its last fiscal year. The latest release focuses on the Foundation's accomplishments during its 15 years of existence and more particularly on:

§  Its total investment of over US$83.4 million.

§  Its actions that touched over 1.3 million people.

§  The construction of 190 schools across the country benefiting over 60,000 students.

§  Its grant of 346 community projects.

§  Financing 63 social enterprises through PARCCSEQ.

This report also emphasizes the many activities carried out to celebrate the Foundation's 15 years of commitment, such as poetry, influencer and open house competitions, to name just a few. It also relates to the financing of 17 new projects for the sixth edition of Konbit Pou Chanjman as well as the considerable progress resulting from the implementation of the 22 winning projects from the previous edition. Not to mention the continued and unfailing involvement of Digicel employees in the Foundation's volunteer activities.

This year's annual report can be considered a special edition in that it highlights the remarkable work of many women in different sectors. Indeed, from education to agriculture, from community development to civic engagement, the inspiring journeys of several women are used as a synonym for hope in an inclusive society.

"It is a pleasure to be present today at this ceremony, knowing that this initiative aligns with our mission to support education in Haiti," said Sophia Stransky, who went on to say that every actor plays an important role in shaping an educated and engaged generation. The Executive Director concludes by renewing the Digicel Foundation's commitment to supporting not only education, but also other areas essential to achieving a better future.

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