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Our portfolio, showcases expertise in three key areas: Special Needs advocacy, Community Development initiatives, and Digital Citizenship programming. Through our work in these fields, we make a positive impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.
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Empowering Persons with Disabilities

A Home for Sott

"This is more than just a building. It’s a space for athletes to hone their skills, build character and improve their sportsmanship. This is a new Home for SOTT!" Through a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Sport and Community Development, SportTT, the Defence Force and Digicel Foundation, Special Olympics Trinidad and Tobago has a new Secretariat at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella. The newly constructed, state of the art space contains a reception area, a conference room, new bathrooms, kitchen, offices and a large storage unit for equipment and gear.



Transforming community spaces and investing in sustainability

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Special Needs

Improving opportunities for Persons with Disabilities


Digital Citizenship

Increasing access to address the digital divide.


Staff Engagement

Connecting the 'Red Army' to social causes.

Project Highlights

Building disaster resilient communities: Our special needs projects focus on disaster preparedness, sport for development, therapy, education and inclusion. We're equipping special schools with tools to mitigate risk and respond to emergencies.
Harnessing technology for social good: From digital literacy programs to tech-based solutions for social challenges, we're leveraging technology to drive positive change
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Addressing food insecurity: Our projects aim to address food shortages, increase livelihoods, establish community gardens, support community businesses, and local farmers.
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We lead by example: Our staff initiatives foster a sense of purpose, and enhances team cohesion while making a positive impact in our communities. The initiatives align with our volunteers. their interests and passions. At the Foundation, we provide support and resources to help employees plan, coordinate, and execute volunteer projects effectively.

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